MJ Atelier offers full custom design services, you can choose from our existing line of classic scenic chinoiseries, specify special flora and fauna or have us create from your ideas. Our process of designing a custom wallcovering for a space requires a full elevation drawing of the room and a basic color preference selected from any standard paint chart.  You can dictate where the drama should occur within a room, we can design around architectural details, mirrors and large pieces of furniture or make the scenery continuous without repeat.  Our large panel format eliminates unsightly seams as panels are tailored to fit a room from corne-to-corner. EXOTIC MEADOWHAND PAINTED ONYXIkebanaScenic HavanaHavanaBRUTALISTGrisaille hand painted scenic landscapeWOODLANDUTOPIAMobileLIGHT CHINOISIERE ART BOARDNest